From di beginnin…
Di Soundsystem was originated from di need to bring positive music and an righteous message to di people, promoting Reggae! Officially it start in summer 2003 at di Sonafe celebrations at di Highschool of Wettingen. At dat time, dere where two members BaBaman (new name: Baba the Fayahstudent) and Mistah IHF, who joined together for dis event with di name “Skankin’Lion Tribe Soundsystem”. It was so an amazing dance, dat it was clear it couldn’t be di last one!

Thus it went on…
Fi a while nobody hear from dem. During dis time dem worked together a lot, BaBaman (new name: Baba the Fayahstudent) grew from his Rap style into a Raggamuffin Deejay and dem extendet dem vinyl collection. After some small private dance where dem hold di vibes dem became resident down a merkker club inna Baden city! So dem had di possibility to play every second Tuesday and organize dances & concerts on di weekend!

2005 – Jungelin’ Moe joins di tribe
2005 was di jear of expansion, Jungelin’ Moe (Walhalla Productions) joined di tribe not just with his Jungle Tunes, but also with his engineerin knowledge! Since September dem also keep an Dance-Label called “Lion’s Cave” inna Aarau. Where dem mashup di place once a month with other Soundsystems outta Switzerland. So dem had di possibility to grew outta dem hometown, an are on di best way two conquer di Reggae-World!

2007 – Immanuel di 13th becomes the 4th member of di tribe
After a while dem went pon tour with a further Selectah, it became officially in January 2007: Di 4th member of di tribe names Immanuel di 13th! Him a ram dance with dem finest new Dancehall Tunes an a pinch of Roots Music!