SINGLE RELEASE: JUMP! (21. Januar 2016)

We are getting ready for the club season and present to you a new song from frontlinetroop.

Three Languages, three different fellows and a comical, between Hip-Hop and Reggae pending sound.

What sounds like a plot for a school production, are actually the columns of frontlinetrop. Aschuk, Baba the Fayahstudent and Bounce Chief worked since their last album (Auf Messers Schneide, 2010), on own projects (Baba the Fayahstudent: My Way, 2012) and several collaborations (as on Max Rubadub’s Run45 Riddim, 2013). They also did fiddle about their sound and created a bouquet of fresh music. Jump! Is not only a life sign from frontlinetroop but also a foretaste of their upcoming album.

So: Sneakers on and jump!

frontlinetroop - Jump!